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Software Engineer, Maker, Tiny House builder, Homesteader, artist, hiker, gamer.

Insert clever and sarcastic intro here...

OK Seriously, well sort of. This is my little corner in the bitstreams where I plan to go on about all the fun stuff I do or have done. I use to post all of this on Instagram and twitter but, I want to move out of corporate socials as my primary. Honestly I'll probably look into adding ActivityPub and P2P distribution in the future in addition to this lovely blot account just to ensure it stays running. The URL wont change though!

Speaking of, you're going to find all my notes on Making, hacking, P2P and decentralization here. I embrace independence, self reliance and cultivating small communities. Decentralization is the only option left to us who are fighting this corporate dystopia, join me in independence!

Here's a few places to find me:

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