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  1. Maker Update Winter 24

    A simple Identicon

    I tend to go into Maker hibernation from Dec through February in part due to my workshop not having all that much heat and insulation. Things get to be too hard to do there when its below freezing so I hibernate. For me this means some heavy gaming and coding …

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  2. Make Roanoke General Meeting

    Logo, reads MAKE Roanoke and has a socket wrench between the words with a star shape for the socket, Roanoke is called the Star City

    Tonight was the first General Meeting of the new Make Roanoke a new Makerspace that's working to get established in the Area. It was really fun to meet like-minded nerds that are as geeky as I am! There was surprisingly large turnout and the group overflowed the sizable meeting room …

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  3. The Big Web Breakup

    Zero Likes image

    For 2023 I have a few goals around my digital life which include ending my relationship with big tech. This project is inspired by my love for #indieweb and not being turned into a product. But I am further influenced by the big bird site meltdown. The latter was a …

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  4. I got super busy...

    My Tiny house at night in the snow

    A year has passed since my last post, and wow has life changed!

    Looking back on my last post, it was the start of an 18-month journey to follow my dreams of living in the mountains and building my cabin in the woods. Today I’m reflecting on that moment …

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