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  1. Nginx setup for Java with SSL

    Randomly generated Identicon made up of colorful squares in a randomized checkerboard pattern

    I spent the better part of Sunday trying to get ssl working with a SpringBoot Java app. Talk about frustrating! I tried numerous guides after my own guess on how to get it working didn't pan out. The challenge centered around Spring Security and its methods of ssl support. Further …

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  2. Adventures in 3DPrinting

    The PLA Blob on my printhead

    I have been happily printing Gridfinity parts to organize my mess of a workshop and they are simply awesome! I got a little too impatient in getting things done and didn't give much thought to overnight temperatures dropping to near-freezing last night. Since my shop doesn't have permanent heat at …

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  3. Maker Update Winter 24

    A simple Identicon

    I tend to go into Maker hibernation from Dec through February in part due to my workshop not having all that much heat and insulation. Things get to be too hard to do there when its below freezing so I hibernate. For me this means some heavy gaming and coding …

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  4. Make Roanoke General Meeting

    Logo, reads MAKE Roanoke and has a socket wrench between the words with a star shape for the socket, Roanoke is called the Star City

    Tonight was the first General Meeting of the new Make Roanoke a new Makerspace that's working to get established in the Area. It was really fun to meet like-minded nerds that are as geeky as I am! There was surprisingly large turnout and the group overflowed the sizable meeting room …

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