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Well after a little struggle sorting out Volume paths on Railway I've added the easy button for deploying UrPodder so hopefully most could use it. I picked Railway because they are affordable, always improving and super helpful when you ask for help. I moved there after Heroku canceled free options and went up in price more than I could tolerate.

To start running urPodderhttps://codeberg.org/meadowhawk/urPodder for your personal use:

  1. Sign up for Railway (It can be a free trial account.)

  2. Next click here to crete from the template! Deploy on Railway

  3. Then take the defaults and in a couple minutes you'll have urPodder up and running!

Finally create an admin account by making the following http post to your server for a one time admin user creation. (Save your password!) This is a one time call that creates an admin user. You can use the credentials for this user to create more users if you wish.

curl -X POST "https://<Server-DomainName>/admin/make-admin" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"username":"admin","password":"use-a-decent-password"}'

Once this is done you're ready to start Syncing! Just point AntennaPod, gPodder or any other gPodder.net friendly app at the url and your good to go! Sure is easier than self-hosting, glad I self-hosted first or might have stopped with this route!

I am estimating that costs for the service will run 7-9$ a month, but the trial account gets 5$ credit so it's free initially and it could be much less, let me know as I am self-hosting so I haven't tried this but other apps I have in Railway run 7 or less a month so odds are it will be about that price for this app as well.

Next up for this project is writing the help docs!

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