This page is inspired by Derek Sivers's post The /now page movement and the Now Movement. The purpose of this page is to share what I'm currently focussed on, and will be updated as things change.

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Spring has arrived! It was 75 degrees a couple days ago and I believe we are having our last cold snap right now then Spring will be here to stay. The plant starts are underway in the greenhouse, so many veggies this year!

I just wrapped up version 1 of my urPodder application which is a drop in replacement for gPodder.net which seems to be winding down. I also updated and republished my Identicon Generator and I am in the process of setting up a self-hosted Matrix chat and looking at implementing Webmentions or chat or something for the blog.

Meanwhile the workshop is back on line and I have been 3D-printing like a nut and started up work on the A-Frame tiny house again. I'll be sure to post updates!

Happy Spring!

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