This page is inspired by Derek Sivers's post The /now page movement and the Now Movement. The purpose of this page is to share what I'm currently focussed on, and will be updated as things change.

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Looks like Spring is about in the can. We will be hitting the mid-80s later this week so in my book, summer is here.

I've noticed that I have deferent different interests for each each season. In the winter I really want to write software and play games. Once late spring has set in, I have no interest in sitting at the computer writing code. Fall, I like to get creative and make things, ok summer time as well but, once it cools down a little I get wound up to really dig into crafting with my hands.

Besides building out the garden this spring I also devoted a lot of time to 3D printing and working to master using my Xcarve to do 3d carving. That xcarve is giving me trouble but, the 3D printer is working great at least! And my FreeCAD -fu is getting pretty strong!

Have a great summer and stay outdoors! :D

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