Cyberpunk 2077 Thoughts

Hero shot of Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand, looking at the camera with his arms crossed. Featuring Johnny's armored vest and silver cybernetic arm.

I finally dove into Cyberpunk 2077 and I'm really glad I waited!

In the gaming world the much anticipated release of CD Projekt Red's met a harsh backlash upon release as it didn't meet the AAA expectations of the gaming world. This was kinda shocking since the studios last release Witcher 3, was delivered with nearly flawless performance and, from my experience, bug free! Sadly Witcher was the exception not the Rule and the only time I have bought an RPG on release day!

As I mentioned, I don't buy games on release day very often as I know how software goes, and perfect releases are a thing of legions, not the norm. I don't like getting distracted from teh game with bugs etc so I very patent. This time I waited 2 years! And I'm so glad I did.

This game runs really well, there are few bugs and nothing noteworthy. I've enjoyed it as much as Witcher and moving through my second playthrough this time just enjoying all the side quests and such. The only real ghost of the early release pains are found in the Map system which is a bit perplexing since the Map is mostly static data with on/off toggles. I'm quite curious as to how this fairly basic feature is the performance killer but there are times when the map becomes unusable and a restart is required. This in no way ruins the game play which, which is otherwise flawless! I guess this is a much preferred location to encounter hiccups than in game!

Overall the team at CD Projekt really turned around a sinking ship and sailed it around the world. a hell of an accomplishment and a wonderful game to experience. The story is amazing and I'm really pleased with Keanu Reeve's role as Johnny Silverhand!

Sidenote: I played this on Ubuntu running Steam and Proton AND on the 2nd time, using Mods. AMD graphics card and big pile of ram as well. I doubt this would have run 2 years ago here.. though you never know, I've had games run better on *nix than on Dowze!

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