Adventures in 3DPrinting

The PLA Blob on my printhead

I have been happily printing Gridfinity parts to organize my mess of a workshop and they are simply awesome! I got a little too impatient in getting things done and didn't give much thought to overnight temperatures dropping to near-freezing last night. Since my shop doesn't have permanent heat at this time, a space header is the temporary answer. (I feel an R-pi project coming up around this...) Anyway for safety I had turned the heat off last night as I started another print thinking the temps would hold until the print wrapped up. Wrong!

Looks like the bed cooled just enough to release it's hold on the raft causing the head to catch it up, the printed part stuck to the print head, and then drug it around al the while continuing to extrude molten PLA. Short story, don't let the temps cool in the printer room.

Now, I'm looking at learning all about printer head assemblies! This is how you learn new things, right? LOL. The fun part will be getting the PLA blob off the head since it's totally cooled and wont come off. It has encased the power connector and burned off the insulation on the temp monitor connector so both will likely need repair once I get the blob removed.

I have been attempting to remain simply a user of 3dPrinters, but clearly becoming an expert in printer construction and building is now on the menu. Well I always wanted to learn to build my own, just avoiding it because of all the other things. More to come.

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