Maker Update Winter 24

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I tend to go into Maker hibernation from Dec through February in part due to my workshop not having all that much heat and insulation. Things get to be too hard to do there when its below freezing so I hibernate. For me this means some heavy gaming and coding projects! On that front there was a lot of New World and Conan Exiles being played but also I've built a nearly complete seller listing web app for Amazon and a self-hostable podcast manager supporting the gPodder api so it will work with AntennaPod. (More on the coding projects in a future post.)

As I said, I'm back in the workshop and giving the 3D printer a good workout trying to finish up some projects started last year as well as kick of a few more! here's the short list of "Maker" projects I have going:

  • Phone boom/arm for holding my phone while down in the shop working. Might also be the mound for an android version of OctoPrint if I can get it running on this old phone I have..
  • Setting up OctoPrint on an old Android Phone
  • ESP32 Weather Station build. All 3D printed and ready for the build. It's about time I get that done!
  • Organizing my shop including a a Gridfinity setup and some custom wire shelf attachments I'm designing.
  • 3D printed Raspberry Pi case for my new web server (Self-hosting this blog among other things!).
  • Repairing my wifi repeater lan cable that some puck ass mouse chewed up! I'm a bit bitter with the mice for that one since it means crawling into the crawlspace under the house and splicing an RJ45 to the cable, while in the crawlspace. mmm fun!

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