The Big Web Breakup

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For 2023 I have a few goals around my digital life which include ending my relationship with big tech. This project is inspired by my love for #indieweb and not being turned into a product. But I am further influenced by the big bird site meltdown. The latter was a fine reminder that allowing companies to own your data means they own a small part of you and that’s just not ok with me!

So what's the goal? Trim out a most of my dependence on Big Tech as well as large monopolies in general. The way I see it is the only way to break down monopolies and increase personal freedom is to support the little guys and reclaim your data. You can do both.

So whats on the hit list? * Verizon ( Historic enemy of Net Neutrality, among so many other reasons) * Google (needs no explanation) - Email - Android - Maps - Search - Photos? * GitHub (Kinda lost its shine since it became Microsoft) * Twitter (Already dead to me) * Facebook (Already uninstalled app) - Messenger - this one is harder to kill off due to family * Instagram (I still love you but it's time we saw other people) - Lastpass (Maybe not big tech but, Oh the breaches!)

  • OS? Personally I use Linux as my OS so I already have this one covered!

I have plans for how to eliminate each of these and, where possible, own my data again! Things are already underway and I'll be following up soon.

CC Photo by Prateek Katyal:

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