Bye Bye Vz, its been too long

 Broken phone

I was tethered to this telco monster for so long , it’s personally shocking and outright embarrassing. How did it go on like this? Why did I ignore their abundant sleazy scandals, lame efforts of customer lock-in, their attacks on Net Neutrality or the constant FCC violations? Honestly, I was lazy and fell for their games.

I fell for the “free“ phone upgrades a couple times. They placated me with a employer “discounts” that I thought saved me money but cost me hundreds in fake service fees. I was also lax, not checking into how straightforward it is to transfer your phone number. It’s not like you can leave that number behind theses days, it is part of your account verification process for 100s of online accounts and if you hand over that number it will be back in circulation after a very short timeout. I tried to convince myself that at least I was getting better service, but connection quality has been slowly degrading over the years. It’s awful where I used to live which was a highly populated metro area and now in the county I live, I have spotty service in most places I drive.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the pathetic dribble of data they dole out to customers. I rarely venture off my Wi-Fi these days, but a long weekend out of town eliminates my monthly data allotment in the blink of an eye.

Well, there is a happy ending. I found a better provider and they are saving me a Mint in monthly fees. Of course no mobile carrier is Indie but, they don’t commit to destroying the internet for profit! These days, that’s noteworthy! In addition, I’m also paying half the price for 5 times the data and notably stronger coverage! All this and I am no longer contributing to one of the communication world’s worst players. So forgive me for my lack of standards, but I have finally said goodbye.

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