Git Going

It's An iceberg

I’ve been on Github for a long time! It was fun in their early days and honestly still is a central location for sharing open-source code. Not sure if I would have ever considered leaving or canceling my paid subscription that I have had for years as well if it hadn’t come to their use of open source to feed a product. A lot of the code on Github has a true license and requires attribution and no resale of code. Now I’m sure that MS worked around all the licenses through legal tricks, obfuscated practices and blatantly ignoring the licenses.

I’m not ok with this and I know MS, they have a reputation going back decades and shame on you if you think they change their tune. So, without further ado, I have bid my paid account farewell. I will leave behind some code, though only what I feel has been of use to others or is so old and dated that it’s not worth the trouble to delete.The upside, I found Codeberg and they are good open citizens and have support that you can actually speak to! I transferred my paid account money right to supporting #Codeberg which feels more like a solid choice rather than an ambivalent contribution to a company that has abandoned their roots for the business as usual.

I spend what I can on #FOSS and #IndieWeb because I want computers and the internet to continue to be that free and open community that I fell in love with in the early days of computing. They were really good days! And we get them back by flushing big tech and supporting those with community first values!


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