If you can't fix the user..


If you can't fix the user, try fixing the computer!

Just a little hack I threw into my system to keep my sanity and fix my sloppy touch typing. I have a habit of typing gti instead of git when executing git commands, it’s really a matter of my left hand being faster than my right at typing the “G” and “T” keys before hitting the “I” key.

No matter how I try I only achieve frustration with fixing this problem so I finally just gave up fixing me instead I decided to fix my computer. I’m clearly a lost cause. Thankfully Linux bash has handy alias options yo can add to the .bashrc or .bash_profile files! My simple fix was to alias my typo like such:

#added to my ~/.bashrc file, (it's in your *nix home dir)
alias gti='git'

And that's all it takes! No more getting annoyed with myself for sloppy typing!

Side note, I resisted this for about 2 weeks trying to get my fingers to just do the right thing, how silly!

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