1. Git Going

    It's An iceberg

    I’ve been on Github for a long time! It was fun in their early days and honestly still is a central location for sharing open-source code. Not sure if I would have ever considered leaving or canceling my paid subscription that I have had for years as well if …

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  2. Bye Bye Vz, its been too long

     Broken phone

    I was tethered to this telco monster for so long , it’s personally shocking and outright embarrassing. How did it go on like this? Why did I ignore their abundant sleazy scandals, lame efforts of customer lock-in, their attacks on Net Neutrality or the constant FCC violations? Honestly, I was …

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  3. The Big Web Breakup

    Zero Likes image

    For 2023 I have a few goals around my digital life which include ending my relationship with big tech. This project is inspired by my love for #indieweb and not being turned into a product. But I am further influenced by the big bird site meltdown. The latter was a …

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  4. If you can't fix the user..


    If you can't fix the user, try fixing the computer!

    Just a little hack I threw into my system to keep my sanity and fix my sloppy touch typing. I have a habit of typing gti instead of git when executing git commands, it’s really a matter of my …

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  5. I got super busy...

    My Tiny house at night in the snow

    A year has passed since my last post, and wow has life changed!

    Looking back on my last post, it was the start of an 18-month journey to follow my dreams of living in the mountains and building my cabin in the woods. Today I’m reflecting on that moment …

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  6. Digital Nomad

    Pastoral view out the office window

    I've been quarantined for over 6 months and I kinda snapped one day and booked a months stay in the mountains far from everything including broadband.

    OK sounds a little crazy when I put it that way but I have had Digital Nomad envy for years... probably before it was …

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  7. Why Learning Other Languages Is a Must

    Identicon Expanding your language toolbox is a topic promoted all over the coder channels. I believe it’s common knowledge that it’s beneficial, but in my experience, many don’t bother. I encounter resistance frequently in the JVM world, so much so that I should say the Java world because …

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